The Mammal Chronicles

"Je reviens en trois jours, ne te laves pas!"
    ("I return in three days; don't bathe.")
       -- Napoleon Bonaparte, to Josephine

What is a Mammal?

Experimental proof - 4/7/00
UniSci report 8/27/2001
Washington Post 8/28/2001
More experimental proof - 5/10/05

UC Berkeley study - 2/6/07
WMAQ/MSNBC Report - 2/7/07
Reuters/MSNBC Report -2/8/07

NewsWeek/MSNBC Report -9/18/07

I am a mammal.
I enjoy being a mammal.
I like mammals.
Mammals are not reptiles.
Mammals have hair, sweat, and tits.
No other animal has any of these.

I especially enjoy female mammals. I do NOT much like female mammals who try to be reptiles: They shave off their hair, plug up their sweat glands, and hide their tits.
What I like are girls who let their hair grow - EVERYWHERE - and let their sweat accumulate naturally and are proud of their boobies and enjoy having me play with them.




Human sweat contains two important items:

The pheromones are odorless chemical compounds which cause various responses in other humans who detect them. Humans are not very good at detecting pheromones. They have evolved away from much dependence on these chemical cues. But pheromones still do have some effect on humans.

The aroma of (reasonably fresh - couple of days) human sweat is a wonderful thing to those who have not been conditioned to feel that all body odors are bad. And natural-length hair concentrates, conserves, and disperses the fragrant compounds (mostly coming from the apocrine glands) so that other humans can smell them readily. The sweat glands and the hair have been created by evolution, on purpose, for very good reasons. Prissy girls try to circumvent these processes without good reasons. Some are trying to appear prepubescent, some are just reptiles; I have no use for either.

I am a professional computer expert. I've been involved in the InterNet since before the Web was commercialized.
I enjoy "natural" girls who do not feel a need for fakery, implants, piercing, non-sensible shoes, brassieres, makeup, earrings, shaving, perfume, deodorant, fancy hairdos, underwear, and tattoos. Just plain GIRL, nothing added, nothing detracted.
Anorexia is a plus, but who am I to talk....
I want a permanent relationship, no one-night stands, no penpals, no "let's just be friends" attitude. If it's worth doing, it's worth being passionate about it.

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Please write to me at Mammal Lover